GHHR Foster Application

Please review our Fostering Guidelines before applying to become a foster.  If your primary interest is to adopt a dog from GRRH, please submit an Adoption Application as GRRH does not have a foster-to-adopt program.

Contact Information

Preliminary Information

New Family Information

Home Environment

Your History with Pets

Care of Your Golden

Post-Application Process

I/we attest that the information provided on this application is true and accurate to the best of my/our knowledge. I understand that any misrepresentations of fact may result in the removal of the foster dog from my home by GRRH.

I/We attest that the Terms and Conditions of Adoption as stated above have been read in full by me/us and I/we understand that these terms constitute a part of the adoption agreement between me/us and GRRH and will be enforced.

The volunteer assumes all risks relating to working with the GRRH dog(s). The volunteer hereby releases GRRH its officers directors participants volunteers and affiliates ("GRRH" Participants) from any and all claims actions liabilities damages and costs of any kind (claims and costs) arising out of transportation fostering or any other work or activity with any dog connected with GRRH or a dog owned by GRRH volunteer. If anyone in the volunteer's household makes a claim the volunteer will indemnify defend and hold GRRH and the GRRH participants harmless from such claims and costs. Volunteer hereby authorizes GRRH to contact the references or veterinarian contacts given in this application.