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In addition to donating your time and love in being a foster family and/or adopting a Golden, there are other ways you can help the Golden Retrievers.

GRRH is staffed solely by volunteers that give their time, resources, and energy to provide care for rescued Goldens. In addition to providing foster homes for displaced Goldens, our volunteers also work diligently to educate the public about rescue and to promote the mission of GRRH. Our volunteers also generate funds that will allow us to continue our efforts to rescue and adopt homeless Golden Retrievers.

We have many areas in which volunteers are needed. Here are a few ways you can help:

Foster: This can be a very rewarding experience. Please review our foster page for more information.

Fundraising and Grants: Fundraising is a critical element to rescue. We need people to help obtain donations to use in raffles and silent auctions. GRRH actively pursues rescue grants and we need help submitting the necessary paperwork for each application. We need your time and creativity to help us raise money to care for these beautiful dogs.

Transport: Our Goldens may have four legs but they don't have four wheels!  Many need to hitch a ride out of a shelter, to a vet's office for an appointment, or to a new foster home.  Our Rescue and Foster Coordinators send out a few emails each week with updates on dogs who need to be transported.  Please let us know if you are interested in being added to the email roster.

Events: Events such as Meet & Greets are GRRH’s chance to introduce our Goldens and our group to the public. We need assistance in planning, organizing and staffing these public events. We also host a handful of annual festivals and functions which require extra volunteer support.

Public Relations: Advertising and marketing covers a broad spectrum of activities. This area includes posting flyers in local businesses such as veterinarian clinics or writing articles for newspapers and local magazines. Advertising and marketing is one way that GRRH can recruit fosters, members and volunteers. It is also one of our best ways to let the public know who we are and what we do.

Share your talents: In addition to the areas listed above, GRRH has many other volunteer positions to fill. Some of these roles are listed below: 

  • Write thank you notes and letters 
  • Sew or make craft items for GRRH to sell at events 
  • Provide special areas of expertise to the group such as: legal or accounting, computer skills, grooming, or training. Your expertise or contacts in this area would be invaluable to GRRH.

Become a member of GRRH: Individual Memberships are $35 per year and include the opportunity to attend the annual Members’ meeting and to elect GRRH Directors. This also entitles you to receive a quarterly newsletter from GRRH. Join today by printing and completing the membership form, and returning it to GRRH by mail.

Donate: Monetary donations are always welcome! Donations of dog supplies, office and miscellaneous supplies are always needed too. Dog supplies will go to our foster homes that are caring for the rescued Goldens. Office and miscellaneous supplies will defray the organization’s cost in the administrative side of rescue. We can always use the following items:

Dog Supplies

  • Dog shampoo and other grooming supplies
  • Dog bowls
  • Dog crates (large or extra large)
  • Dog leashes
  • Gift certificates (e.g., Petco, Petsmart)
  • Baby gates
  • Dog crates (large and X-large)
  • Dog collars and leashes
  • Washable blankets and dog beds
  • Child (doggie) guard gates
  • Stainless steel dog bowls
  • Dog food

Office and Miscellaneous Supplies

  • Office Max or Office Depot gift certificates
  • Postage stamps
  • Printer paper
  • Gift certificates to a copy shop (e.g., Kinko's)
  • Printing services
  • Grooming services

Things you can do on your own for GRRH

  • Pay the cost of a vet bill, a surgery or other medical procedure
  • Pay the cost of needed medication
  • Pay the cost of taking a dog to obedience class
  • Pay the cost of having a dog groomed
  • Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue
  • Coupons for dog food and pet supplies